The Starkin are perhaps one of the most mysterious races on the Cradle. Created, so the tales go, to turn their attention upwards to the sky and stars, to look upon the Star-God and allow him to see himself from another point of view, the Starkin live far to the south, isolated from everyone, with cold winds and impassable mountains to protect their settlements. When a Starkin appears in other places, usually to deliver prophecy, or to trade for precious metals, it is an event that causes commotion among inhabitants.

They are tall, even taller than the Highkin, and thin almost to the point of looking emaciated. Their faces are smooth and noble, however, with high cheekbones. Their skin is midnight black, and speckled with white points that often glow when the Starkin is contemplating something important. Their strengths and skills are largely unknown, but they do seem to be prophets, able to push through the veil and see into the future.