The Imperial House of Kōmai-do has ruled the Komai dominion for almost 250 years, following the 'rediscovery' of the Dragonflame Perceptual, the source of power and magic which allows Komai to maintain its second sun. As such, the ruling house is often referred to as 'The Sun Builders'

Emperor Sendātu-Ten Kōmai-doEdit

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His Imperial Majesty, Saviour of the Cradle, Inheritor of the God-Dragon's Light, Guardian of the Dragonflame Perpectual, the Overlord and Rightful Ruler of all Kind and Master of all Kith, Emperor Sendātu-Ten, One Hundred and Third holder of the Blazing Throne, All Blessing of Eyrie and Cradle be Upon His Magnificence is, according to some, the most politically powerful man in the entire Cradle. He has ruled the Komai Dominion for twenty years, a long and relatively prosperous reign. Under his rule, the Komai have expanded their reach into Quon, the colony on the northern continent becoming a hub for trade and wealth. He has persued good relations with the Skykind Dominion, and although he has made overtures towards the secessionist states of the old Tir Empire, they have been somewhat reluctant to deal with the Komaim, wary of ending up subservient to an even more distant emperor than Tir.

In person, while almost certainly surpassed by his two elder children, the Emperor is an impressive wielder of Fir'Koma's power, a Cleric and devout part of the church. He lead several warpaths into Greykin territories, and reclaimed the Fort of Khalmet in Norikho from Greykin hands. In the past two years, however he has been seen less and less on the world stage, and while officially he has said he is making room for his children to gain experience of rule, rumors persist of health problems.

Princess Hōseki Kōmai-do Edit


Her Imperial Highness, Beloved of Kind, Princess Hōseki Kōmai-do, May Fir'Koma's Benevolence be Upon Her, is the Princess Imperial of the Komai dominion and second in line to the Blazing Throne. A diplomat of extraordinary clarity, and a magic-wielder almost unparalleled in the Cradle in terms of sheer power, Princess Hōseki demonstrates the 'regal perfection' of the Komai Imperial House. Emperor Sendātu-Ten has named her as the voice of Komai in the Cradle.

She is known as a master of perceptions, able to vanish or change her appearance at will. Some whisper that she can even control the minds of other beings. Her magic is known to be beyond the reach of even the greatest mages in the Highkin cities, and when she uses such force on the battlefield, only dust remains. 

But her skills do not rest solely in magic, for the Princess is also a master of speech, able to pick apart the dissembling of even Norikhoan diplomats (though she is more likely to ignore such diplomats, 'non-kind mongrels' as they are). She balances the principles of Komai life with the demands of speaking diplomatically on a knife-edge. She is also said to be well-trained in the arts of stealth, and she is even considered to be a powerfully adept duelist, armed with rapier and short-sword.  

Prince Yōsho-en Kōmai-doEdit

Prince Komai
Compared to his younger sister, his Imperial Highness, Lord of All Kind, Prince Yōsho-en Kōmai-do, May Fir'Koma's Benevolence be Upon Him is not as well known. He is the Prince Imperial of the Komai Dominion, and next in line to the Blazing Throne. It is said by Komai-funded bards that he is the most impressive and powerful being in the cradle, filled with the burning strength of Fir'Koma himself. The truth of this is disputed, since few have seen him fighting openly in battle. He has, however, joined several tounaments over the past few years, using only his fists to fight, and has won every time. 

He makes his permanent home not in the Dominion itself, but on a small island far to the east, and only a short distance away from the Wall itself. The precise location of Gōkurasū is unknown, as nobody travels there conventionally - all deliveries of food and the like is done through teleportation circles. In addition, the sevants and Kith slaves who work there are chosen on the mainland, sent there, and never seen again, and so the internal workings of the island are unknown.  

Princess Ōkurimōno Kōmai-do Edit

Her Imperial Highness, The Precious Gift, Princess Ōkurimōno Kōmai-do
, may Fir'Koma's Blessing be Upon Her is the youngest (recognized) daughter of Emperor Sendātu-Ten, and third in line to the Blazing Throne. Only twelve years old, the child has already become the darling of the Komai court and is held in great esteem by many on the Cradle. She has visited several of the Kind nations, and even was briefly in port in Norikho, giving benedictions of Fir'Koma to the masses. She is said to have been blessed by the Dragon God with the ability to heal and help those around her, but, as the rumors have it, at a cost. Some say that she is cursed with prophecy, able to see the shape of fate, but unable to touch or direct it. The Dominion denies this, naturally, saying that she has been granted might and power by Fir'Koma, for the glory and rule of the Kind over the Cradle.