Heroes, invaders, liberators, the Kind are alien to the Cradle, coming from the ‘Greenlands’, a homeland that has faded into mythical status. All that is clear is that they were forced from their homes by the ‘Great Devourer’ and wandered through the ‘Dark Sea’ for many years before finally being brought to the Cradle by the Dragons. Their arrival, at the height of the Greykin empire, precipitated a long war.

The Kind are known for their swift lives, their slight resilience to the powers of magic on the cradle, and their deep connection to their gods, of which there are many. 

Ability Scores – Kind gain a +2 to one ability score depending on where they come from;

Kind from Cities gain +2 Intelligence

Kind from the Wilds gain  +2 Wisdom

Kind from the Komai Dominion gain +2 Charisma

Firstkind, the savage kind from the northlands gain +2 Strength 

Skykind, from Dragonmount, gain +2 Consitution

Size – Kind are medium sized

Type – Kind are humanoids with the Kind subtype

Base Speed – Kind have a base speed of 30ft

Languages – Kind begin with Common and a dialect unique to their nation. Kind with high intelligence can learn any non-secret language.

Close to the Gods – Kind gain +1 to the DC of all spells they gain through domains.

Alien Origin – Kind gain a +1 to all saves against spells and spell like abilities

Weapon Mastery – Kind invented swords, and so gain proficiency with all one-handed sword weapons. 

Natural Talent – Kind can select one of their Class Skills, and gain a +2 racial bonus to it. 

Bonus Feat – Kind get a bonus feat at level 1