Quon is a relatively recent invention - the nation as it exists today has been around for 100 years or so, its secession peaceful, but with a great deal of tension. By most accounts, it was split away from Tir by the machinations of Komai politics, the Dominion desiring a friendly state in the northern continent and the people of the Eastern Province chafing beneath distant lords. Today, Quon relies heavily on trade with the Komai Dominion, and it to all intents and purposes a client state despite being much larger than Komai. Political power in Quon is held onto only loosely, the great trading houses in the cities having most power, and the rump Governate, descended from the Tir millitary governer position, levies taxes for the maintenance of the army. The military of Quon splits its resources between joint efforts with the Komai Dominion, and protecting the various villages and cities of Quon from the Greenkin deep in the Cuonglin wilds.

History Edit

Quon, in the time of the Greykin Empire, was entirely covered with forests and wilds. What is now the Cuonglin wilds and Prenhai'z Forest was once one large wilds, ranging in flora and fauna, and the spiritual homeland of the Greenkin. The ancient city of Dentru was at the centre, carved into the centre of great trees, and for a long time, free from the worst ravages of the Greykin's oppression. It was only when the Kind arrived on the Cradle and began the war began that the Greykin started to 'convert' the Greenkin in greater numbers, shipping many of the beasts of the wilds to the Hoarwyrd for experimentation.

After the war, and during the first centuries of Tir's existence, the Eastern Wilds, as they were known, were left alone by the Kind, far too dangerous to explore. But civilization demanded land, farming and space for living, and so the encroachment began, four centuries of conflict between Kind and Greenkin before the Eastern Province, as it was named, became safe for settling.

The Volkir crisis was, as for the rest of the continent, a turning point for Quon. With no millitary support coming from the west, the people of the Eastern Province had to rely on themselves for protection from the Greenkin, along with Greykin raids along the coast. Soon they began to ally with the Komai Dominion for protection, and their culture and identity started to become more aligned to the Komai than to Tir. By the time of Quon's secession 120 years ago, most people worshiped Fir'Koma, and while the disparagement of Kith never took hold (at least in part because the Kith of Quon were just as valiant against the Greenkin as the Kind) the demonization of the Kin was a strong bone of contention between province and Empire.

Quon's secession was more de facto than official, a simple 'Letter of Independence' sent to the High King by the Governor of the Province and accepted (on the advice of 4 of the Houses) by the High King.

Politics Edit

Officially, political power rests in the hands of the Governate, a vestage of the provincial government, and primarily millitary in nature - in fact the primary job of the Governate is to organize the defense of the realm. The laws of the land rest in the hands of the Guilds, trading organisations built on the resources of the province, which are primarily agricultural, although with many spices and medicinal herbs being harvested from the Cuonglin wilds.

Aside from the Kind powers, any discussion of politics in Quon would be incomplete without mentioning the Greenkin, who dwell within the Cuonglin and frequently carry out raids on smaller villages, trading caravans and the like who dare come too close to their lands.

Culture Edit

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