The story of the Orcs is a complicated one. In a society where everything not Greykin or Naga was considered property, the Orcs had comfortable, decent lives, acting as the shock troops of the Greykin, impervious to most minor magic and to most minor physical attack, the Orcs rose to a place of high prominence. But they were not satisfied. The Orc Rebellion nearly brought down the Empire three hundred years before the arrival of the Kind.

Orcs are tall, brawny, powerful creatures, seven feet tall or higher, with skin ranging from dark green to dead black, often adorned with scars and tattoos. Their defining characteristic is their resilience. Orcs are nearly impossible to fell with ‘normal’ magic or physical might. 

Ability Scores – +4 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma, -2 Wisdom

Size – Orcs are medium sized

Type – Orcs are humanoids with the Outcast subtype

Base Speed – Orcs have a base speed of 30ft

Languages – Orcs begin with Orc. Orcs with high intelligence can learn Common and Startongue

Damage Reduction – Orcs gain DR1/Magic. This damage reduction increases by 1 for every five character levels the Orc has

Spell resistance – Orcs gain SR equal to 6 plus their character level

Healing Surge - Orcs have an incredible ability to heal themselves, and each day can heal themselves damage equal to a number of d8s equal to their character level. These dice do not need to be spend all at once, but the Orc needs 8 hours of rest in order to replenish their surge dice. [For example, a 5th level Orc will 5d8 worth of healing. They can split that however they want, 1d8 at one point, then 4d8 at another, or any other combination]

Weapon Training – Orcs are proficient with the Ka’za.

Ka’za – Exotic Weapon – 1h – 1d8, 19-20 x2 – 1000gp

Ka’za come in slashing or bludgeoning varieties. When power attacking with a Ka’za in each hand, users with the Double Slice feat may add the full power attack damage on each hand. Ka’za cannot be dropped as a move action, and it takes a full-round action to remove from the arm.

The Ka’za is a weapon invented by and for the Orcs, a measure of their strength and commitment to battle. It involves either a hammer or a blade, literally strapped to the wrist, fist and forearm, acting as a bladed extension of the arm itself. This allows Orc to put their full strength behind the blow without needing to use another hand which might be needed for a shield. Or another Ka’za.